Kesha is a part time graphic artist and a full time writer and editor. Her biggest, most notable project to date is the fun parenting blog WeGotKidz.com. There, you can find her giving a refreshing take on parenting and general family life.

She’s recently chosen to take on the task of documenting her mother’s courageous fight with pancreatic cancer. Her daily thoughts and affirmations can be read here on “A Pancreatic Cancer Story”.


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  1. Dear Kesha: God bless you for the way you have so lovingly taken care of your mom and being there for your dad as well. My dad had pancreatic cancer and passed away in 1997. It was good to have so much precious time him that, had he been healthy, I would not have had. Those were bittersweet, but precious times. I hope your mom is comfortable.

    • I appreciate your kind words so much. The time that I had with my mother was precious, and I was honored to have been there to care for her. She was a great woman. She is truly comfortable now as she has passed on. She lost her battle two and a half weeks ago. I have just yet to have the heart to write my final post. Thank you again Marlys.

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